Reiki is a practice originating from Japan and is to do with restoring and harmonising the body’s natural energy systems.

Literally translated, Reiki means “Spiritually guided life-force energy”

Everything in the universe including ourselves contains molecules that vibrate with energy but if our energy pathways are affected by things like stress or poor health then it can upset our natural wellbeing.

Reiki seeks to restore energy imbalances by channelling some of that energy all around us, via the practitioner, through the clients body to promote harmony. The practice is holistic because the mind-body connection has reciprocal effects.

If our energy pathways are balanced and flowing then we are more likely to feel better and find it easier to cope with the stresses of everyday life. We are also more likely to feel like engaging in activities that promote our own personal development or that we find satisfying, creative and enjoyable.

Reiki sessions with Val last about half an hour. You will be lying on the massage table whilst Val performs the session. You are encouraged to relax your mind and body and stay in touch with your emotional and bodily sensations. Some of session may be hands-off, but for much of the session Val will lightly place her hands on you. This is not massage however; it’s a placing of hands rather than movement of hands.

Clients need not remove their clothes but should wear something comfortable and non-restrictive. Naturists can be naked if they wish but we need to stress there is NO erotic component to Reiki in the way that there is to, say, tantric massage.

For more information please contact Val via our Contact page or by phone call/text.


FEE  £20 for half an hour.