Prices and How to Book

Prices from 1stOct 2023

Naturist Full Body Swedish Massage............£60

Swedish Full Body Massage (conventional) ..... £45

Swedish Legs and Back Massage (45 mins) ..........£40

Reiki ......... £20 (30 mins)

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage ..........£45

Sports/Deep Tissue Massage .....£35 for 40 minutes, £45 for 60 minutes*

Tantric Massage 1-2-1 ..........£80 for 1 hour, or £110 for 90 mins, £140 for 120 mins

Tantric Massage for couples, (with both Bri and Val) ... £120 for 1 hour, or £160 for 90 mins. (deposit may be required for new clients)

Swedish Naturist Massage for couples (60 mins)  £100

Couples Massage Workshop day 10am to 4pm  £180

How to Book

You can book by text, phone call, direct email or website enquiry form.

Please give us your FULL name and your preferred time. Remember, we rarely do short-notice appointments so it’s advisable to book ahead by at least a few days.

If you are a new client and are booking for tantric massage then you’ll need to give us your email address so we can send you some extra information first. With this in mind it’s easier if you email your initial enquiry or use the website enquiry form on the Contact page so we can reply to you directly with the information.

If you are a booking as a couple then we need to send you some information that describes your options. The next step after that is we’ll need telephone confirmation from the female partner before we answer any further questions or take a booking. This is because we get lots of enquiries that strongly suspect are not genuine, and it wastes a lot of our time engaging with insincere fantasists. If you are a same sex couple then we’ll need to speak to both of you during the same phone call to confirm.

How to Pay

PAYMENT can be made on the day using cash or card, or in advance via Paypal using the recipient address [email protected] (please don’t use this email address for correspondence)