Integrated Massage Therapy

These are bespoke workshops or experience days based on the individual needs of the client. The intention is to provide a therapeutic and learning experience for clients who wish to improve their sensual and erotic awareness or improve the sensual side of their relationships. This will be via a tailored combination of massage, counselling and practical experience to help you understand your own body, and how it works in terms of mind/body response to touch and arousal. The idea developed for this developed during 2023 when a few of our clients have talked openly and frankly about their wider therapeutic needs and have asked whether we could provide something more specific to their needs that wasn’t necessarily on the website or price list.

So we came up with something unique for each client and gave it a go.

This is aimed at those who:

  • Feel as though they’ve had too little or very limited sensual experience and wish to change that.
  • Wish to gain a greater understanding of their own erotic anatomy.
  • Have body confidence issues.
  • Have recently come out of sexually mundane relationships and seek an erotic awakening.
  • Want to experiment and find out what they’re into before they get into their next relationship.
  • Instinctively feel as though there’s more to experience than what they’re presently experiencing.
  • Are confused about their sexuality.
  • Are struggling with age-related physical changes or libido issues.
  • Couples who feel stuck in a rut or who want some erotic inspiration.


Prices will be quoted on an client-by-client basis, and will likely be between £100 and £250 for sessions lasting anywhere between 2-6 hours.

We may ask some questions and you will need to provide a short, written statement describing what you want from the session. Depending on your needs and comments, you may also be asked to meet us via Zoom or Skype so we can each decide if we’re the right match to work together. Sessions will be led by Bri, and Val may join in too depending on what the agenda is and what the client wants.*

Please contact us by email or by using the enquiry form on the Contact page and provide as much detail as possible so we can decide if your requirements are something we can work with you on.

*Bri has a Counselling degree from Staffordshire University obtained in 2017. He has over a thousand hours of counselling experience with counselling clients.