Day Courses

We have three courses which run from 10am to 4pm and can be booked on any day of the week. One of the courses is for massage, and the other two are personal development and self-understanding courses which are related to Brian's training and practice as a counsellor.


This is an uncertificated course which goes through the basics of Swedish massage. It is intended for personal use between couples and with friends and family. It does not ethically qualify you to charge people for your services, but it will give you the skills to deliver a nice, relaxing experience to your partner or friends

When we state "couples", we mean any two adults of any gender who know each other by relationship or friendship who are booking to attend together. You will learn different techniques and routines, and also what you need to know to perform massage safely. You will give and receive massage, both with us (Bri and Val) and with each other, so it is important you are comfortable with this. Light refreshments are included. Starts 10am and finishes roughly around 4pm. We only book one couple at a time. More details on request.

Fee  £180 per couple 



This short course is designed to inform your self-awareness so that the life you choose to lead and the decisions you make are based on being in tune with your authentic self.
If you feel like you're running on autopilot and have lost touch with the real you, then this course is for you.
If you've been feeling frustrated, anxious or down for several weeks or months and you can't quite identify why, then this course is your opportunity to take time out and re-discover who you are and what you want from life.
Topics covered include:

  • Looking at how past influences are affecting your present beliefs and behaviours.
  • Looking at the criteria by which you make value judgements about yourself.
  • Feelings: knowing how you feel and allowing yourself to have them.
  • The roles you play and the masks you wear.
  • All the unsaid things.
  • Defence mechanisms.
  • Beliefs and values (yours or someone else's?)
  • How "whole" is your "whole life"?
  • How feeling obligated can leave you trapped.
  • Personal goals and expectations.
  • Social conditioning and how it influences you.
  • Finding your desired work/life balance.
  • Naming your priorities and finding what matters to you most.
  • Whose tune are you dancing to?
  • Attitudes to "change"
  • Dealing with guilt and shame.
  • "What do I want?" - finding personal meaning

This course runs from 10am to 4pm and is offered on an individual one to one basis with Bri. Refreshments included.

FEE  £120 


This short course is designed to address matters that often occur in middle-age. Some of the topics covered can apply at any age, but generally speaking the course is geared towards 35-65 year olds.
The aim of the course is to look at ways of identifying and addressing the sort of mid-life issues that may be causing you to feel down, or preventing you from leading a more fulfilled life.
The things we'll look at include:

  • The kids have grown up - what next?
  • Long term relationship boredom
  • Doing new things
  • Running on old programs or to someone else's agenda
  • Discovering your desired work/life balance.
  • Keeping secrets
  • Infidelity
  • Attitudes to "change"
  • Beliefs and values - have they changed, and what matters the most?
  • Payoffs
  • All the unsaid things
  • Feeling obligated
  • The roles you play and the roles you'd rather change or delete!
  • Life luggage
  • How "whole" is your "whole life"?

The course is offered to individuals on a 1-2-1 basis to enable you to speak freely in confidence.

The course can also be adapted to couples in long term relationships who feel they would like the opportunity to take stock of how things have been, and how things might look moving forwards into the future.

FEE for an individual £120
FEE for a couple £180