Swedish Massage


Despite its title, Swedish massage originates in the far east, but was introduced to Europe by a Swedish traveller, hence the name. There are lots of different forms of massage but they nearly all have their roots in "swedish".

You can choose either a full body massage lasting an hour, or a legs and back massage lasting 45 mins..

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Clients can choose between having their massage in the way that's more conventional in the UK (ie, you leave you knickers/boxers on and we drape you with towels) or you can choose to be entriely naked, often referred to as naturist massage and more common in European countries than in Britain. (see the Naturist Massage sub-tab page)

The pressure applied during massage is a matter of individual preference, and we will adjust to suit you accordingly. However, most people find they prefer a firm massage to fully feel the benefit.

The term "holistic" is often used in relation to massage and this is something we wholly endorse. This simply means that the benefits not only affect the body, but also the mind.

In particular:-

  • stress and anxiety relief

  • relief from muscular aches and pains

  • better joint mobility

  • improved sleep

  • better circulation and lymph drainage

  • deep relaxation and strong sense of wellbeing

  • release from tension and muscular restrictions


Swedish massage is performed by Bri. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or view our FAQ page for lots more information.

   Full Body Massage £45

   Naturist full body massage  £60

   Legs and Back Massage £40


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