Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be massaged in my own home? Are you mobile?

Our massage room is set up to ensure you have the best experience and we would always recommend that you visit us here. We do not openly advertise a mobile service but occasionally, if there is good reason, we may be able to consider a home visit at a premium cost. It depends on your circumstances and whether there is close parking and good access to your property etc.

Does "full body massage" literally mean every square inch?

It depends on what the client wants, and the type of massage they’re booking in for. If it’s conventional Swedish or Aromatherapy massage of the sort you’d typically get in a hotel spa, then parts normally covered by underwear wouldn’t be touched. If the client asks to be massaged “naturist” then the reason for this is often because they want their glutes, breasts and genital area including too; but not always, so we check first.

The main thing to bear in mind is clear communication, consent and understanding.

Can massage be used as an alternative to medication?

No. But there are physical and mental benefits to massage all the same. In this respect massage is described as “complementary” therapy. It can be incredibly useful for all sorts of things, like stress reduction, but we do not recommend you see it as an alternative to medication without discussing the matter with your doctor first.

What do you mean by "holistic" ?

When a treatment or therapy is described as holistic it means that the intention is to benefit the whole of a person’s being; both mind and body. The tensions that we hold in our emotions are often reflected in our bodies. As those tensions are relieved and the body relaxes, then it’s quite possible you'll feel so much better in your mind also. To those who are new to massage this often comes as rather pleasant surprise, and some folks who've been really "stressed" can feel strangely relieved and emotional.

Are you available evenings and weekends?

Yes. We don't have set working hours but we tend to avoid taking bookings that start any later than 7:30pm.

What's the parking like?

There is usually plenty of parking on the road in front of the house. You can usually park across the drive even if we have our car on the drive because it's not usually going anywhere. We'll let you know at the time if we need access in and out of the drive during your visit.

Do you do gift cards?

Yes. They are sold at face value and can be printed for any variety of treatments or a specific amount. You need to be aware that they are only printed on standard A4 or A5 paper rather than card, and that they are time limited, ie they have an expiry date (there are specific reasons for the expiry date which are too long-winded to go into here).

Payment can be made by cash, debit/credit card or Paypal.

Can I touch you during the massage?

If you want a generic answer in one word then it’s no. However, it’s far more complex and nuanced than simply saying “yes you can” or “no you can’t”. it depends on the rapport between client and therapist, the clients personal presentation, the type of massage booked, and express consent beforehand. Clients can usually touch us in non-sexual without any fuss (ie legs, arms, back). In fact, it’s almost unavoidable at certain times during a tantric massage. So we are quite chilled about this. Touching in sexual ways should never be assumed without checking first, and it is at least as common for us to say no as it is to say yes, so it’s important that you calibrate your expectations in a realistic fashion accordingly. We cannot be all things to all people. And at the end of the day, you are booking to receive a massage off us, not to touch us back.

Do you offer reciprocal massage?

There are two situations when answering this question. If you are a massage therapist with a least some basic training then it’s possible we might be able to do massage swaps without any payments actually taking place. We’ve done this before a few times. However, we’re unlikely to take you at your word that you’re a trained massage therapist without checking you out first, otherwise anyone could blag us that they’re a therapist (although we’d be able to tell really quickly if we’d been lied to).

The second scenario is when clients ask can they spend that last 15 minutes or so of the session interacting with us or massaging us (in a fashion). Please read the answer to the previous question in conjunction with this answer. If we feel a certain rapport has been established… a certain chemistry… then it’s possible that we might agree to this request. It happens now and again. But it would be most unwise to attend your massage with an unrealistic hope or assumption that we will just automatically agree to this as a matter of course.

Neither of these two scenarios are common. Most clients just come and enjoy receiving a massage. Those who ask other things of us risk an awkward situation if we feel we need to decline their offer or request.

Are you DBS checked?

Our last checks were in 2017. As we are self-employed we are unable to request self-checks. We can only get checked if a third party requests it before using our services.

Can I book you for a mates night in or a party night?

Requests will be considered on an individual basis, but generally speaking when we’ve done this in the past we found we were often operating in less than ideal conditions so we lessened our activity in this area. The biggest problem we found was that hosts often under-estimated the need for sufficient space and privacy in which to operate. If you have a large house with sufficient space and privacy then feel free to enquire. Massage is probably best conducted at a quiet mates-night-in rather than a party. (Just our opinion)

What if I'm pregnant?

We don't usually massage pregnant women but there are some limited ways that we may be able to accommodate you. Contact us to discuss.

Do you ever work together and perform four-handed massage?

Occasionally we do, but not as a matter of course. it's not something we actively advertise or promote, but we will consider requests on a case by case basis.

Are there any client or age restrictions?

Our own personal policy is that you have to be eighteen or over to receive massage.

If a parent or guardian is present then we may at our own discretion provide massage to a 16 or 17 year old.

There is no upper age limit as long as you are healthy enough. You must be medically suitable to receive massage and an initial consultation will determine that you are.

Whats the best way of contacting you?

In this order: text message, phone call, website enquiry form on the "Contact Us" tab.

Please be specific and give as much detail as you can. It saves lots of ping-pong messaging.

For example, a message that says  "Can I book a massage?" tells us nothing about which type of massage you are booking for, who you want it with, and what times are best for you. Please be specific.

What’s the difference between regular, conventional Swedish massage and naturist Swedish massage?

For conventional Swedish massage you’ll leave your boxers/briefs on and you’ll be massaged everywhere except glutes, genitals and breasts (if you’re a female).

For naturist massage you’ll be entirely nude and be given the option of having us include the parts of the body left out in conventional massage, ie glutes, genital area, breasts.

What’s the main difference between Swedish and tantric massage?

Briefly, in a nutshell, Swedish massage is performed with the client on the massage table and the techniques are designed to reach beneath the skin and onto the underlying muscles. Tantric massage is performed on a duvet on the floor and the massage techniques are less concerned about reaching underlying muscles and more concerned about providing a sensual and erotic experience for the client. (Although Swedish massage can be very sensual too).

The website only mentions male-female and female-male massage. Do you offer male-male and female-female massage?

F2F massage is available for conventional, non-erotic forms of massage BUT NOT for naturist or tantric massage.

M2M massage is available for conventional, non-erotic forms of massage. Request for males to receive naturist or tantric massage off Bri will be considered on a client-by-client basis.

Do you offer shorter length massages that just cater for the front of me?

No. We are not a back-street sexual service. We can provide a full body massage that includes your genital area but we are not drop-in centre for anyone passing who just wants some quick relief.

We feel there’s something missing from the physical aspects of my relationship with my partner. Is this something we can come and talk to you about or find ways in which you can help us practically?

Yes. There are several different ways. Before contacting us please make sure you’ve spoken about it to your partner first, because they may not be on board with idea of visiting us. We will ask to speak to your partner first to confirm the legitimacy of your enquiry before engaging in long-winded fantasy conversations that lead us up the garden path and into a cul-de-sac of wasted time.

I keep trying to contact you but either I can't get through or you don't reply to me.

There are several possible explanations for this, listed below...

  • You could be showing up on our phone as an "Unknown" number, meaning your phone setting are placed so your number is witheld. It's worth checking your settings, because we don't answer calls from numbers that are witheld. Experience has taught us these calls are usually fake or pranks.
  • We are away or taking a few days off. But even then we usually try and reply within 24hours.
  • You have unrealistic expectations as to how quickly we should reply. (We usually reply pretty darn fast to most enquiries).
  • We've genuinely missed your text or email. This is very rare but unfortunately it has happened now and again especially during busy periods or when we have a lot going on in one way or another.
  • The most common reason is that we have decided to blacklist you for some reason or other. There could be any one of a number of reasons for this, and we will not get drawn into confrontational discussion as to why we may have done this. Suffice to say we don't do it lightly; there's always a reason! What truly staggers us is when a client possesses so little self-awareness that they genuinely don't know why!