Latest short notice availability for massage treatments

In this section we will list any short notice availability including any cancellations that have occurred. By "short notice" we mean anytime from 5 hours to 5 days in advance. It will NOT be updated more often than twice a day, so we cannot guarantee that any times listed will still be available at the time you enquire or book.  Often when a time gets listed it gets snapped up straight away. Enquiries about available times in advance of five days can be made by contacting us in the usual ways.

Just had a cancellation for 11am on Wednesday this week (27th), so that's available for an hour's massage treatment with Val. There is no remaining availability for the rest of this week, unless someone cancels and we list it here. The following week (beginning 2nd March) still has lots of available times so take the opportunity and book while you can. (this post updated 18:20 on 24th Feb)