Both Counselling and Massage services have resumed but with some extra conditions and safety measures. Please read carefully below before booking.

THIS LATEST UPDATE IS MADE ON 15/7/2020 at 3:30pm. 

COUNSELLING. I am resuming normal face to face counselling services from 1st June. Clients will be asked to use our hand sanitizer on arrival, consent to a non-contact temperature check, and declare that they feel fit and healthy when they attend each appointment. Unfortunately, I am not able to shake your hand. .

MASSAGE.  Following the latest government briefing by the Culture Secretary, we are now taking bookings for massage again. Whilst "massage therapists" were not specifically mentioned, he did mention beauticians and spa's. And to us, massage is one of the treatments you can usually book at a spa. Clients will have to adhere to a few extra procedures in order to minimze the risk of infection. Firstly, on arrival, we'll take your temperature with a non-contact forehead thermometer. If you register 37.5 degrees C or over then we can't proceed any further. Then we'll ask you to use our hand sanitizer. Next there'll be a Covid-19 questionnaire as well as all the other usual paperwork. The questions will be about any symptoms you or anyone in your household may have and whether you've been abroad recently. Any bags must be left in your car. Only essentials like your phone, wallet and spectacles can be brought into the massage room.

We would be grateful if you would not visit us within 14 days of returning from any holiday abroad. This is regardless of any easing of government restrictions. And we need your ethical agreement that you’ll contact us if you develop any symptoms of coronavirus or receive a positive diagnosis within five days of visiting us, so we can decide whether any of our other clients who visited after you need informing. Obviously, your personal details will not be disclosed to other clients, only the fact that they may be at increased risk.

If we suspect a client is being evasive or intends to give false details then we'll have no hesitation to refuse the booking. Good client relationships begin with simple honesty about your name and circumstances. Clients who are not honest about the most basic things are the ones who are likely to be troublesome or dishonest in other ways too. This is NOT the time to be acting in the shadows or providing false information.

AVAILABILITY as at 6pm 15/7/2020.   After we announced we were starting up again we quickly started taking bookings. We are initially pacing things out a bit more than previously which means we are not taking quite as many bookings per week. So what’s available is being quickly taken. At the time of this post Val is not available until Saturday 25th July, although there’s plenty of availability the following week beginning the 27th.  Bri is available 2:30pm on Thurs 16th, 6pm on Fri 17th, 10am on Sat 18th, 10am on Sun 19th, 11am on Mon 20th and 5pm on Fri 24th.

Please note there is no availability from either of us on 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 27th July.

WITHELD PHONE NUMBERS. Due to the time-wasting and immature nature of most of the calls we receive from witheld numbers, we will no longer be answering them! So if you are a genuine enquirer but your call displays at our end as "unknown number" then it will not be answered. Some clients who call from work phones may be unaware that their call is displaying "unknown number" at our end so it's worth being aware of this. We have no interest whatsoever in dealing with clients who are totally secretive and act out in the shadows. We seek to establish open, honest and meaningful connections with our clients and we tend to find nothing but trouble from the type of client who witholds their number.