Latest short notice availability for massage treatments

In this section we will list any short notice availability including any cancellations that have occurred. By "short notice" we mean within the next three days of each time this page is updated. It will NOT be updated more often than twice a day, so we cannot guarantee that any times listed will still be available at the time you enquire or book.  Often when a time gets listed it gets snapped up straight away. Enquiries about available times in advance of three days can be made by contacting us in the usual ways. After a huge surge in bookings just after Christmas when we ran a particular advert, things have calmed down a bit now and we can accommodate clients at shorter notice than we could in February.

CORONAVIRUS, OUR STANCE, AND HOW IT'S AFFECTED THINGS. It would appear that concerns and advice about the coronavirus have developed rapidly and have affected everything.

MASSAGE. This post, dated 23/03/2020. There is now a collective coming together within society and more and more people/organisations are shutting down or severely limiting their services in a collective effort. And now it's own turn. We will not be providing massage until further notice. However, we are NOT closing altogether and will resume normal massage services as soon as possible. So watch the news to see how things progress and come back to our website to see what we're doing.
COUNSELLING. I am prepared to carry on seeing clients who feel well and present no symptoms. If I feel unwell then I’ll cancel from my end. I have set up a Skype account for those who would like this option, and I also offer "walk n talk" in open spaces for those who would like this as an option. All this is subject to change as and when things develop and advice changes.