UPDATED EDIT 31/7/2021

We are now entering a time of the year (between now and September) when bookings tend to thin out a bit and there is more choice when it comes to availability and shorter notice needed (although same-day availability is still not always possible, so don't leave it too late). This has been the pattern in previous years because people tend to be more invloved in days out, holidays, and outdoor pursuits with families in general. If you've struggled to find a good time to get an apoointment in the past then this could be a good time of year to try again. By mid-September it usually gets quite busy again.

Right now... as it stands at 6pm on 31/7/21, this is the availability for the coming week. Obviously it will change as and when clients book in.

Mon 2nd, Monday evening with either Bri or Val

Tues 3rd, between 1pm and 8pm with either Bri or Val

Wed 4th, 2pm with Bri only

Thurs 5th, no availabilty

Fri 6th, 10am with Bri, 2:30pm with Bri, 6pm with either Bri or Val

Sat 7th, 12noon to 6pm with either Bri or Val

ALTERATIONS TO SERVICES. Following a period of reflection and discussion, we have decided to reduce and streamline our services. 4 handed massage (both tantric and swedish naturist) will no longer be available to new clients.

1-2-1 naturist massage for male clients with Bri will be with withdrawn altogether. But 1-2-1 massage with Val and 1-2-1 massage for female clients with Bri will still continue.

Couples who book in for massage can now only do so on the basis that they receive their massages in separate rooms. Same room massage for couples has been withdrawn. There are several practical reasons for this, and we realise that being massaged together in the same room is part of the erotic experience for some couples. However, we have also discovered that it significantly reduces the individual partners ability to receive tantric touch in exactly the way the want, because they are conscious about how this may be perceived by their partner. This can inhibit some clients who would otherwise engage and indulge more spontaneously and without fear of judgement. It also allows each individual 1-2-1 sessions to evolve in its own unique direction, rather than conforming  to whatever is going on for their partner.


This is listed under our Day Courses tab on the website. We’ve recently done one of these days for a couple and it occurred to us that it’s worth mentioning as it's a great day for everyone and it often gets overlooked. It’s a chance to have a go at performing massage for your private personal use with a partner or with friends. The basis of the day is informal instruction on the basics of Swedish massage, but can be modified to include other aspects of massage such as naturist or tantric massage. When we say “couple” in regard to this course, we mean any two people who know each other and want to book in together, in the knowledge that they’ll be practicing on each other and on us too. So it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be in a relationship with the person you are attending with, and it also includes same sex couples too. We can only accommodate one couple at a time so you can rest assured of privacy and our undivided attention. Click HERE or message us for more details and availability.

NEW INFORMATION. Unfortunately, we have now found it necessary to take non-refundable deposits of £30 for all bookings made by new clients only. This is due to the rising number of people who book in and then just don't show up, or cancel at the very last minute. We are not a charity and this is not just some kind of paying hobby. This is our living. Other clients could have had those times. The problem seems to be mostly with new clients, and so it is from new clients that we require a deposit. Once we have met you then it won't be necessary on future visits unless you develop a track record of being unreliable. Payment can be made by Paypal, and the recipient address to send it to will be given at the time the booking is made. Please do not enter our regular email address as the recipient on Paypal.

Please do yourself, and us, a favour.... by booking a time when you can actually make it! That might sound obvious but too many clients are booking and then cancelling because they book in work time, instead of their day off. Here's the thing.... your manager doesn't know and couldn't give a monkeys that you're trying to sneak in a massage in work time, so they manage your working day to suit themselves and the company you work for! Why bother trying to be covert and going under the radar when you can visit us... stress free... on your day off? 

No specifics to report at the moment about certain dates and times. Bookings are steady, but we still get an awful lot of enquiries from clients who leave it way too late to book in. Same day or last minute bookings are hardly ever available so it pays to think several days in advance. At this time of the year we also have to give consideration to conditions inside the massage room, because it can get unbearably hot in the afternoon when temps get into the seventies. Hot days favour morning and evening appointments, but not afternoons. So we will be looking ahead at the weather forecasts during the summer months and adjusting/limiting our afternoon bookings according to the conditions we anticipate will occur.

The option of a 4-handed tantric massage is no longer available, although 1-2-1 tantric massage, 4-handed Swedish massage and couples tantric massage are still available.

"When's it best to book?"  As far in advance as possible! (but see the note at the top of this page). Mornings always get booked much quicker than afternoons and evenings and it's common for morning appointments to be booked up to ten days in advance. So bear that in mind if you specifically want a morning appointment. Afternnoons get booked next and we commonly book 4-5 days ahead for the afternoon. Evenings are less popular and we generally only do one or two of those a week. We rarely do last minute or even same day appointments. If there is a gap in our diary and it gets to that day then the chances are we've already made personal plans of our own. We never just sit around with nothing to do besides waiting for any possible last minute enquiries. If you're someone who cant schedule ahead by a few days then the chances are you wont ever get to book in. After ten years of doing this we are still gobsmacked by the amount of texts saying, "got any appointments in next few hours?" It doesn't work like that... never has.

Unfortunately, as well as all the great clients we love to welcome and book in, we've also got the return of the usual crowd of undesirables who either want to prank us or waste our time with childish enquiries of a sexual nature for their own amusement.... and they never book in. That's why we dont answer calls when it shows up as a witheld number. Absolute timewasters! Then there's also the ones who say, "How much for just half an hour... just the middle bit at the front?" So if you're reading this now and this is you then you've got the wrong establishment; there are other places for that. We are not pretentious and we can sensually massage (literally) the whole body, but its a professional full body hour-long massage! Not some kind of excuse for a 15min quickie.

MAKING PAYMENT. The following methods of payment are acceptable. Cash on the day, card payment on the day, Paypal transfer in advance. If choosing to pay by paypal we can give you the recipient paypal address on request, because its not our usual email address. Our preferred methods of payment are card or paypal, but we still welcome payment by cash for those who prefer this.

WITHELD PHONE NUMBERS. Due to the time-wasting and immature nature of most of the calls we receive from witheld numbers, we will no longer be answering them! So if you are a genuine enquirer but your call displays at our end as"witheld number" or "unknown number" then it will not be answered. Some clients who call from work phones may be unaware that their call is displaying "unknown number" at our end so it's worth being aware of this. We have no interest whatsoever in dealing with clients who are totally secretive and act out in the shadows. And we are not a chat line for your entertainment as you play with yourself. We seek to establish open, honest and meaningful connections with our clients and we tend to find nothing but time wasted and trouble from the type of client who witholds their number.