UPDATED EDIT 10/01/2022

Re COVID... IT'S BUSINESS AS USUAL! We do not require clients to wear a mask and we do not wear them ourselves. We are both triple vaccinated and will accept bookings from both vaccinated and unvaccinated clients. No covid passports required here!!! Val and I are huge supporters and advocates of the vaccine, and quite frankly, we question the thinking of those who refuse to take up the vaccine. But our personal view is that we do not see the point of being vaccinated only to then act as if we weren't, and we do not believe in vaccination apartheid.  

At the time of this update we have hit a few unexpected snags (not related to covid) and as a result the next available date for bookings will be Tuesday 18th January. Bookings already made for this week will be honoured. 

The following changes to prices will occur on 17th January 2022. The costs of running a massage service have increased considerably in the last year or so. Most notable are laundry and energy costs, but even things like website and advertising costs are running unusually high at the moment. We have also switched to using massage lotions that are easier to wash out of fabrics (which is also in the client’s best interest) and these lotions are more than double the price of the previous oils. We are also regularly told by clients how cheap we are compared to other providers, lol, and after doing some research we’ve realised they’re right! So some of these clients may regret tipping us off in this way, lol, although we are still really keen to remain competitive and offer a fantastic service at the same time.

Some of our prices will remain the same (for now).

Prices that are changing on 17th January are:

  • Tantric massage 60 mins going from £60 to £70.  90 mins going from £80 to £90.
  • A new 2hour option will be introduced priced at £110.
  • Swedish Naturist massage. This will now be priced at £50 for an hour long massage.
  • Couples tantric massage. 60 mins will now be £120. 90 mins will now be £160


PERSONAL HYGEINE. Recently we have suffered an increase in the number of clients who are turning up in a state of poor personal hygeine, to the extent that we now feel it needs a specific note on this page. This is often because clients come straight from work, or mid-day during work time. From our point of view, the quickest way to kill off any sense of rapport, connection and eroticism is to turn up looking like a bag of rags or smelling of unpleasant odours. It's a total atmosphere killer, and almost always guarantees you'll not a get any further bookings. Val is up close and naked during tantric massage, and she's also meticulously clean (often showering several times a day). It is simply disrespectful to turn up in a poor state of hygeine and just expect Val to lump it and get on with it. 

ALTERATIONS TO SERVICES. Following a period of reflection and discussion, we have decided to reduce and streamline our services. 4 handed massage (both tantric and swedish naturist) will no longer be available to new clients. Existing clients who have had this before might still be able to book it. Contact us to enquire.

1-2-1 naturist massage for male clients with Bri was withdrawn in the summer of 2021, but may be available again to some clients from Jan 2022. Message to enquire and find out more. 

New couples who book in for massage can now only do so on the basis that they receive their massages in separate rooms. Same room massage for couples has been withdrawn. (But... Couples who have visited us before can continue to have same room massage). There are several practical reasons for this, and we realise that being massaged together in the same room is part of the erotic experience for some couples. However, we have also discovered that it significantly reduces the individual partners ability to receive tantric touch in exactly the way they want, because they are conscious about how this may be perceived by their partner. This can inhibit some clients who would otherwise engage and indulge more spontaneously and without fear of judgement. It also allows each individual 1-2-1 sessions to evolve in its own unique direction, rather than conforming  to whatever is going on for their partner.

PRIVATE PAMPERING FOR COUPLES IN THEIR OWN HOME, OR FOR PRIVATE GATHERINGS. It is possible that we may consider visiting you in your own home, to provide massage for couples or for private "friends nights in" gatherings. But the crunch is this, in order to deter fantasists, timewasters, daydreamers and fake bookings (believe me... it happens!), this service would come at a premium and would be payable in full in advance. Quotes will be given on a client by client basis, and will consider travelling time too.


This is listed under our Day Courses tab on the website. We’ve recently done a few of these days for couples and it occurred to us that it’s worth mentioning as it's a great day for everyone and it often gets overlooked. It’s a chance to have a go at performing massage for your private personal use with a partner or with friends. The basis of the day is informal instruction on the basics of Swedish massage, but can be modified to include other aspects of massage such as naturist or tantric massage. When we say “couple” in regard to this course, we mean any two people who know each other and want to book in together, in the knowledge that they’ll be practicing on each other and on us too. So it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be in a relationship with the person you are attending with, and it also includes same sex couples too. We can only accommodate one couple at a time so you can rest assured of privacy and our undivided attention. Click HERE or message us for more details and availability.


COUPLES INTIMACY COUNSELLING AND PRACTICAL SESSION – this is one of those ideas that I have mapped out in my mind but am struggling to describe in text. The counselling part would be delivered by Bri, but the practical part may be delivered by just Bri on his own or in partnership with Val. I (Bri) see couples in both my capacity as a counsellor and my capacity as a massage therapist. But combining the two has it’s challenges, mostly because most professional membership bodies that represent the counselling profession take a very dim (and in my opinion, downright narrow-minded) view about crossing what they regard as therapeutic boundaries. Nevertheless, I have come across plenty of therapists who have managed to combine the two in some form of sex therapy/intimacy coaching. This service would be entirely bespoke, with quotes and formatting to be decided upon a case by case basis. There would be a counselling session followed by practical interaction/massage in the therapy room. This service would be aimed at couples who have reached an impasse or are struggling to get on the same wavelength in their sex life, or who struggle to reach orgasm, or who want to inject some energy and vitality into their bedroom fun. It’s not aimed at couples who are okay in this department but just fancy some antics with the therapist! It’s for couples who want to improve intimacy, or who have a conundrum to solve or who want to explore aspects of sexuality that they feel are difficult to talk about just between themselves. ALSO, RELATED TO THIS... One of the things we’re currently thinking about, is the idea of providing a series, or short course on “Introduction to Tantra”, or “Introduction to Sensual Touch”, or “Introduction to Sensual Self-awareness”. The title is up-in-the-air at the moment. It would primarily be geared towards couples and females, although men could book in too. The reason we say aimed at couples and females, is that there seems to no shortage of uninhibited males who are quite at ease with sensual touch. But there seems to be a greater percentage of females than males, who are subjected to very fixed and limited ideas about sensual touch. In our experience, females are more likely to conform to restrictive social conditioning, more likely to be influenced by what their mates might think, and more likely to give heed to all the negative messages that sanctimonious elements of society inflict upon us. They are also more likely to be slaves to notion that their job as a partner is only to pay attention to the man’s physical needs, rather than give equal consideration to their own needs. We have also come across women who have been in long-term relationships, or even several short-term relationships, but they’ve rarely or never experienced orgasm for themselves during their sexual encounters. (Though some have become surprisingly good a faking it). They’ve also never given any thought to how they want to be touched, or what feels good for them. This may astound some of you, but it’s true. It’s not uncommon to hear of women having their first orgasm in middle age, or after they came out of a stale long-term relationship and got with a guy who knew his way around a lady’s genitalia. Some women (and I’ve heard them interviewed) only really found sexual pleasure when they finally realised they were “allowed” to. And that it wasn’t the end of the world to actually let your hair down and just enjoy yourself.

We are, of course, generalising. We’ve also met some pretty curious and liberated women! So please don’t think we mean every woman or every man. We are talking about our experience and what we hear from others too.

What we are thinking of is maybe three, two hour sessions, held on consecutive weekends, for those couples/singles who want to try sensual massage but are apprehensive or nervous, and would prefer a slower, more gradual introduction to this kind of experience. This would involve going right back to basics, so the first session would mostly involve basic considerations about sensual touch, considering our needs, what turns us on and what turns is off, the importance of communication and consent, the difference between “consenting” and “wanting”. And also something called The Three Minute Game, learning to ask for what you want, learning to ask “Can I...?” and “Will you...?”. Finding confidence to state your position by learning to say “No thanks”, “Yes please”, “I would like...”, and “Would you like...?”

Subsequent sessions would develop according to your own pace, needs and responses.  

The three sessions would be a sort of combination between counselling, coaching and sensory massage practicals.

This course would be aimed at:

  • Those who are thinking of booking tantric massage but aren’t sure.
  • People who have become conditioned to only pleasing others and never consider their own needs.
  • Those who have trouble saying “no”
  • Those who want something but have trouble asking for it.
  • Couples/individuals who feel they have practical, physical, or emotional blockages when it comes to bodily awareness and the giving and receiving of sensual touch.
  • People who feel that they’ve received negative messages about sexuality or physical pleasure from society, religion or family.
  • People who have had unpleasant/unhealthy sexual experiences in the past and would like to get better acquainted with how healthy, consenting experiences can operate.
  • Those who instinctively want to feel more at ease with consensual touch but are apprehensive for one reason or another.

It would not be for...

  • Couples who already have no trouble with touch or intimacy. (Booking a tantric massage might be the better option)
  • Men who think this just a great excuse for a feel-up! 

Limitations with space mean can only do this with 2-4 people at a time. Both couples and individuals can apply and there will be a consultation sheet/questionnaire to complete so we can assess your needs, your suitability and how we can tweak our approach to suit where you’re at. Individual applicants will be asked to fill in a questionnaire in order for us to match you up with any other individuals on the basis of the answers each of you provide. In this respect, this amounts to a vetting process so there’s no guarantee that you can attend straight away; we’ll get back to you if a suitable date/opportunity arises.

If you are interested in this, please get in touch.

PS Bri is not only a massage therapist, but also qualified to degree level in counselling. He has also attended two post-grad couples counselling courses.

FINALLY... Watch out for a new "Links" page added under the "More" tab. It's not ready yet but when it is it'll be full of interesting and relavant links to other websites and Youtube clips on stuff to do with counselling, mental wellbeing, relationships, sexuality and massage. Hopefully on the website by the end of October. 


Please do yourself, and us, a favour.... by booking a time when you can actually make it! That might sound obvious but too many clients are booking and then cancelling because they book in work time, instead of their day off. Here's the thing.... your manager doesn't know and couldn't give a monkeys that you're trying to sneak in a massage in work time, so they manage your working day to suit themselves and the company you work for! Why bother trying to be covert and going under the radar when you can visit us... stress free... on your day off? 


MAKING PAYMENT. The following methods of payment are acceptable. Cash on the day, card payment on the day, Paypal transfer in advance. If choosing to pay by paypal we can give you the recipient paypal address on request, because its not our usual email address. Our preferred methods of payment are card or paypal, but we still welcome payment by cash for those who prefer this.

WITHELD PHONE NUMBERS. Due to the time-wasting and immature nature of most of the calls we receive from witheld numbers, we will no longer be answering them! So if you are a genuine enquirer but your call displays at our end as"witheld number" or "unknown number" then it will not be answered. Some clients who call from work phones may be unaware that their call is displaying "unknown number" at our end so it's worth being aware of this. We have no interest whatsoever in dealing with clients who are totally secretive and act out in the shadows. And we are not a chat line for your entertainment as you play with yourself. We seek to establish open, honest and meaningful connections with our clients and we tend to find nothing but time wasted and trouble from the type of client who witholds their number.